Blyxa japonica


Blyxa japonica is a wonderful midground plant for your aquarium!

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Product Description

Blyxa japonica is a GREAT midground plant that is grown 100% submersed in our facility.  You will receive a large portion of this amazing plant either in a pot or bare root.

When grown under lower light conditions the stems get longer and more light green.  This plant loves as much light as you can give it!  When High Light Levels are introduced the outer leaves as well as the tips of new leaves turn Red!  CO2 injection is also a requirement to appreciate the full potential of this amazing aquatic plant.  When high levels of phosphate are introduced it will grow small white flowers that break the surface of the water.

If your looking for a mid-ground or accent plant this is it!  A perfect “grass like” plant that wont take over your aquarium like micro sword or hair grass.

  • Scientific Name: Blyxa japonica
  • Size: 3″-6″
  • Temperature: 70 – 83 degrees Fahrenheit
  • pH: 5.0 – 7.0
  • Lighting: Medium – High
  • Growth Rate: Moderate – Fast
  • Can be grown emersed?: NO
We use and recommend Seachem Flourish products.  Please consider the following products when purchasing this plant:

More Great Information about Blyxa japonica can be found Here



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