Geophagus brasiliensis


The Geophagus brasiliensis we sell is approximately 4″ – 5″


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Product Description

The Geophagus brasiliensis, also known as the Pearl Cichlid, is a stunning Aquarium Inhabitant.  They are easy to keep and breed but require large aquariums.  They are a great beginner fish and are less aggressive than many other cichlids.

  • Scientific Name: Geophagus brasiliensis
  • Common Name: Pearl Cichlid, Pearl Eartheater, Pearlscale Eartheater
  • Geographic Origin: South America, East and southeast of Brazil
  • Habitat: Large Aquarium with appropriately sized friends.
  • Breeding: Lays eggs and cares for fry.
  • Temperament: Mildly aggressive
  • Maximum Size: 8-11″
  • Temperature: 76-82 degrees Fahrenheit
  • pH: 5.5 – 8.0
  • Water Hardness: Neutral
  • Water Region: Bottom
  • How many?: They do best in pairs or groups.  Larger aquariums can support multiple groups
  • Diet: Carnivore – We suggest NLS Cichlid pellets or sera granuar

More Great info about the Geophagus brasiliensis can be found here

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