Gold Honey Gourami



Both male and female Gold Honey Gourami are stunning!

Minimum Order of 2 Gold Honey Gourami is required.

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Product Description

The Gold Honey Gourami is a color variation of the wild Honey Gourami.  Both the males and females have a golden tone.

  • Scientific Name: Trichogaster chuna
  • Common Name: Gold Honey Gourami
  • Geographic Origin: India
  • Habitat: Almost any type of aquarium is suitable for these wonderful creatures. They Love a planted tank!
  • Gender Difference: Both Males and Females have a golden tone with males developing some orange/red fins
  • Breeding: Bubble Nest Builder
  • Temperament: Peaceful but territorial towards other males of its kind
  • Maximum Size: 2.8″
  • Temperature: 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit
  • pH: 5.0 – 7.0
  • Water Hardness: Very Soft to Soft
  • Water Region: Middle to Top
  • How many?: Groups of 3 or more of similar sized fish
  • Diet: Omnivore ~ We recommend and feed NLS Small Fish Formula

More great info about the Gold Honey Gourami can be found here

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