Red Pigeon Blood Discus



The Red Pigeon Blood Discus is a Stunning Orange, Red and White Fish!
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Product Description

The Red Pigeon Blood Discus is an amazing fish!

All of the Discus from Oddball Pets are quarantined as well as put through a rigorous “decontamination” process before being sold.  ALL of the discus we sell are free of parasites and bacterial infections.  We only sell Discus that are extremely healthy and robust.

Our discus (like ALL of the fish we sell) have never been dyed or have hormones added in any way.

We keep our Red Pigeon Blood Discus at the following parameters:

  • 85 degrees

  • 6.8 – 7.0 PH

  • 1/3 tank water change each day

  • 2 times a day feeding (Frozen Blood Worms, NLS Pellets)


  • Scientific Name: Pterophyllum sp.
  • Common Name: Red Pigeon Blood Discus
  • Geographic Origin: South America (domestic captive variant)
  • Habitat: A proper discus habitat is required, but do VERY well in planted aquariums!
  • Breeding: Lays eggs on sloped surfaces
  • Temperament: Peaceful but territorial
  • Maximum Size: 6 “
  • Temperature: 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • pH: 5.0 – 7.0
  • Water Hardness: Very Soft to Soft
  • Water Region: Middle to Top
  • How many?: Groups of 3 or more of similar sized fish
  • Diet: Omnivore – We suggest NLS Cichlid pellets

More great information about Red Pigeon Blood Discus can be found here

Here is a video of some 4″ Discus we’ve had in stock.

Additional information

Weight .43 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 6 in

4.5", 2.5"