Electric Blue Crayfish



The Electric Blue Crayfish is a fierce creature that is captivating to watch and admire.

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Product Description

The “Electric Blue Crayfish” (Procambarus alleni ) are fierce creatures that should be kept in a species only aquarium or with fast moving medium sized fish.

A very easy species to keep as long as good water quality is maintained.

  • Scientific Name: Procambarus alleni
  • Common Name: Everglade Crayfish, Florida Crayfish, Blue Crayfish, “blue lobster”
  • Geographic Origin: Florida (Selective bred from wild form)
  • Habitat: Rocky environment with caves to hide in.  Clean water is the most important aspect of keeping these or any inverts.
  • Gender Difference: Monomorphic – Adult males will have a pair of ridgid pleopods, with terminal hooks at the forward end (between the last pair of legs). In females the first pleopods are flexible and similar to the other four pairs of pleopods. These differences are visible when full grown.
  • Breeding: Females carry eggs until after hatching
  • Temperament: Agressive
  • Maximum Size: 3″-7″
  • Temperature: 65 – 78 degrees Fahrenheit
  • pH: 7.0-8.0
  • Water Hardness: Medium to Hard
  • Water Region: Bottom and anywhere it can climb
  • How many?: If kept in groups you must supply ample hiding spots.
  • Diet: Scavenger – We suggest sinking pellet foods such as New Life Spectrum H2O Stable wafers.


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