Spider Wood on Slate Medium

Spider Wood on Slate Medium is approximately 10″ – 16 ” in length and makes a great addition to any freshwater aquarium!

These pieces of Spider Wood are mounted on a piece of slate.  They are secured to the slate with 2-3 Stainless Steel Screws that can easily removed if desired.

Driftwood is a natural product and some variation from the samples can be expected.

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Product Description

All of our Spider Wood on Slate Medium has been hand picked for quality and fish safety.

All of the driftwood that we sell is 100% fish safe and will never harm your aquatic pets.  Please note some driftwood may release “tannins” when placed directly into your aquarium. Although the slight discoloration of the water will not harm your fish we recommend soaking it prior to placing it in your aquarium.  If this is not practical you can run some fresh carbon in your filter and this will remove any discoloration.

The Spider Wood on Slate Medium we send you will be unique, interesting and full of detail.


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