Indian Almond Leaves

These are Grade A “small” Indian Almond Leaves. Approximately 4″-5″ in length. You will receive 5 Leaves.

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Product Description

Indian Almond Leaves (Terminalia catappa) are a great resource to have on hand for almost every freshwater aquarium.

The following information was taken from an amazing resource for Indian Almond Leaves and their uses.

Some aquarists use Indian leaves all the time, while others use them only for special purposes, i.e. when the feel that their fish needs some extra pampering. It is especially common to use Indian Almond Leaves.

  • When setting up a new aquarium
  • When a new fish is introduced to an aquarium
  • To induce breeding, especially in Bettas
  • When setting up and maintaining a fry aquarium
  • When a fish is sick, especially if the sickness affects the skin
  • In the plastic transport bag when a fish is moved to a new home
  • When keeping delicate fish species that are considered difficult to keep and breed in captivity

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