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New Stuff:

Orange Poso Rabbit Snails ~ AMAZING!Orange Spot Rabbit SnailsRuby Green Haps ~ Oddball RaisedAnacharisRed Wag Platy

Pond Fish: Koi ~ Mixed SizesPool Comets ~ 3-4"Red Fantail GoldfishSarasa Fantail GoldfishBlue Channel CatfishTadpoles  Also: Green Pac-Man FrogLOTS of decorations including Spongebob!!Pond RocksTufa RockMalaysian DriftwoodCork Flats      


Pre-order your discus today and save!  We are currently taking orders for genuine Stendker discus. Pre-order prices are shown HERE. You can take advantage of these prices by ordering(via web or by calling/stopping into the store) by Saturday, May 1st, 2010. All pre-orders must be paid for at the time of order to qualify for the discount. The fish will arrive and be available for pick up the following week. Please note that if you are not a local customer that we can ship to you but will allow the fish to acclimate until the following Monday(10th) before we ship them. It is very stressful for the fish to be shipped back to back. BONUS: Order any 5 of the same color of the 2.5" size to get an extra 5% off!  Order any 3 of the same color of the 3" size to get an extra 5% off! 

PAKA Meeting…

The Pittsburgh Area Killifish Association will hold their monthly meeting on Saturday, April 24th.  The meeting will be held right here at the store and starts at Noon.  This month’s speaker is David Ramsey from Atlanta, GA.  His talks are based around videos of fish behavior, especially courting, spawning and raising fry.  He has raised many types of fish in his 100+ tanks and it should be a great talk!