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Time to defrost… It’s time to defrost the freezer again!  All frozen foods will be 40% off for the next week!  The sale will end when the food is gone or on Friday the 16th! Come in and help us clear out our freezer by stocking yours! 🙂
Freshwater: Red Velvet Swordtail Cardinal Tetras ~ Tank Raised Rope Fish Moonlight Gouramis Clown Loaches Bristlenose Plecos Olive nerites Tracked Nerites ~ Restock! Bleeding Heart Tetras Black Harlequin Rasboras Halloween Crabs Longfin Albino Bristlenose ~ Oddball Raised Tiger Barbs Albino Tiger Barbs Hummingbird Tetras ~ Amazing! Freshwater Clams Electric Blue Crayfish Zebra Danio Assorted Swordtails Saltwater: Ocellaris Clown fish Firefish Goby Yellow Tang ~ Hawaiian Orange Back Basslet Orange Stripe Cardinals Coral Banded Shrimp Lawnmower Blenny Chocolate Chip Starfish Yellow Watchman Goby Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse Royal Gramma Ruby Crabs Rock Flower Anemones Assorted Urchins Hermit Crabs Cerith Snails Nassarius Snails Astrea Snails Various macro algaes

Also – we have a number of corals in stock since our last email.  (Zoanthids, ricordea, mushrooms, caulastrea, people eater, toadstool, frogspawn, etc.) Pond: Sarasa Comets White Comets Red & Black Comets Blue Channel Catfish ~ Restock Trapdoor Snails Water Lettuce Hyacinth Duckweed! Anacharis Reptiles: Russian Tortoise ~ He is awesome!! Hermit Crabs Plants: Glossostigma Water Sprite Banana Plant Java Fern Ludwigia peruensis Ludwigia broad leaf Various locally/Oddball grown plants 🙂  I also wanted to note that we have feeder goldfish, guppies & ghost shrimp in stock for those of you that have been waiting. 🙂