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Neon Green Leather Coral

Real Reef Rock

We have been kicking around the idea of bringing some “Real Reef Rock” into the store for the past 2 years and we finally decided to get a shipment of it in.

For those that aren’t aware, Real Reef Rock is a manufactured live rock alternative.  It is made in California from 100% American sourced materials.   The rock is created from a proprietary blend of calcium, magnesium and sand and it is surprisingly light weight.  It is injected with pigments to simulate coraline algae.  Once it is cured in freshwater, they put it in a saltwater system in their facility’s green houses where it becomes live and starts growing real coraline algae.

We didn’t like their original rock formula because we felt it looked very fake. We are all about natural tanks and weren’t sure that this would ever find a home in our store. They convinced us to give it another try and we are glad that we did!

Honestly this stuff looks great and is 100% pest and nuisance algae free. They spent the last two years modifying their process to make this rock look real! We don’t think it is for some of the purists out there that want rock that comes out of the ocean, but it definitely has a big place in this hobby!

With conservation always on our minds here at Oddball Pets, we really think this is a great product that is worth a look.

At a great price point, we think it is a solid alternative to regular live rock or even to be used in conjunction with dry/live rock.

Here is a link to their site online.

If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other product we sell, just ask!



Hundreds of amazing hand picked corals are in! Here is a sample…

Duncan Coral ~ Duncanopsammia axifuga

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Coral SALE!

Aug 25, 2012

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Ultra Turquiose Pinstripe Mushrooms

We are having a Coral Sale this weekend!  Sat – Mon (Aug. 25 – 27)


We got a bunch of new Reptiles in this week.. Here are a few..

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