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Here is a super quick video of some of the corals and coral frags we currently have.


Small Business Saturday Sale!! Nov. 27th – 29th 2015 30% Off – ALL FISH Fresh and Saltwater! 25% Off – Plants, Corals and Inverts 15% Off – ALL Driftwood And Rocks (LIVEROCK TOO!) FREE Fish! For every 25$ spent on Gift Certificates get a 5$ FREE Fish Certificate! No Limits!

**All Fish Certificates MUST be used by March 31st 2016 and cannot be redeemed before Jan. 1st 2016.

Rose Bubble Tip AnemoneWe have some AWESOME Rose Bubble Tip Anemones in!


Polypterus delheziNew Fish at Oddball Pets!

Glass Eel

Polypterus delhezi

Cardinal Tetra

Farlowella acus

NEW this week: Male Bettas Crowntail Bettas Halfmoon Bettas Dwarf Gourami Pairs Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami Red Dwarf Gourami Albino Tiger Barbs Tiger Barbs Red Glass Barbs Tank Raised Senegal Bichir Tank Raised Delhezi Bichir Clown Loaches Gold Dojo Loaches Horseface Loaches Yo-Yo Loaches Crimson Loaches Albino Cory Bronze Cory Corydoras melini Malawi Eye Biters Firemouth Cichlid Gold Rams Gold Severums Green Severums Assorted Longfin Danios Tiretrack Eel Farlowella Catfish – BIG! Yellowtail Spiny Eel Glass Eels!!! Glo-Fish ~ All colors! Peacock Gudgeon Black Moor Red Cap Oranda Green Lantern Platy Red Mickey Mouse Platy Fancy Guppy Pairs Golden Blue Endler’s Livebearers Redtail Black Highfin Variatus Leopard Ctenopoma Ropefish Dwarf Pea Puffers Otocinclus Tank Raised Cardinal Tetra Gold Tetra Ruby Tetra White Skirt Tetra Rummynose Tetra Grey Clawed Frog Albino Clawed Frog African Dwarf Frog Thai Micro Spider Crabs Moss Balls Peppermint Shrimp Turbo Snails Chocolate Chip Starfish Golden Albino Axolotl + More saltwater fish and plants next week! Plus LOTS of blackworms!!

We just got a great group of Neolamprologus multifasciatus  in!  They are locally bred and doing great!

These little guys are Tanganyikan Shell Dwellers.  If you have a group of them they will form a “community” and are super fun to watch!

Tons of new driftwood and stones are in! Spider, Mopani, Malaysian, even some grape wood for reptiles! This video is just a small amount. We are still unpacking!