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We will be closed Thursday, December 31st and Friday, January 1st to celebrate the New Year with family. Have a great holiday and we’ll see you on Saturday! We will be open normal hours all weekend (Sat – Noon to 8 and Sun – Noon to 6)
Free Fish!! For every $25 spent on Gift Certificates get a $5 FREE Fish Certificate!

Buy a gift certificate for family or friends and get a bonus gift to include or keep for yourself!(Shhh…We won’t tell!)

No Limits!!!

**All Fish Certificates MUST be used by March 31, 2016 and cannot be redeemed before Jan. 1,  2016.

Apistogramma cacatuoides "double red"New Freshwater Fish at Oddball Pets!

Apistogramma cacatuoides (Double Red)

Tropheus duboisi (Pemba)

Green Dragon Pleco

NEW this week: Albino Pleco Albino Longfin Pleco Green Dragon Pleco Blue eye Pleco Pineapple Pleco Black Moscow Guppy Corydoras similis Electric Blue Acara Raspberry Face Severum Red shoulder Severum Synodontis petricola Black Calvus Red Fin Compressiceps Lamprologus Daffodil Tropheus duboisi Adolfi Corydoras Panda Corydoras Weitzmani Corydoras Apistogramma Cacatuoides Double Red Herbertaxelrodi Rainbows Praecox Rainbows Goyder River Rainbows L190 Pleco L201 Pleco Otocinclus Gold Corydoras habrosus Corydoras pygmaea + More saltwater fish late this week!