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Super Red Angelfish

Super Red Angelfish

These guys are Beautiful!  No Dyes, Hormones or Injections!

A quick video of the Super Red Angelfish doing what they do!

New Discus

Awesome New Discus are in!  Check out some of the videos below!

New Discus at Oddball Pets and Aquariums in Pittsburgh

Pods are back in stock

Pods are back in stock!  Everyone that keeps Corals or small saltwater fish should add some from time to time!  If you have Mandarins it is especially important to add them to your aquarium to replenish their population.

Live Feeds are the highest form of feeding possible.  It provides the nutrition found in nature, it elicits natural feeding responses from your tank animals and contributes less to nutrient loading caused typically by feeding or over feeding.  In addition, it will create a natural ecosystem in your tank that will make the tank ecosystem healthier and stronger.

Read more about Pods here


Check out this AMAZING Alveopora coral on our 10$ rack!  We have SOOO Many 10$ Frags to choose from right now.  This is just one of them.

Large Discus

Large Discus available at Oddball Pets!

Check out some Large Discus we currently have available.


These Discus are 4″+ and are amazing!



coral Frags

We have a ton of new 10$ Coral Frags available.

Zoas Acans Chalices Duncans Montipora +MORE! Lots of Ultras and Neons!