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Aquarium Maintenance and Service in the Pittsburgh Area

If you are looking for someone to set-up, design or maintain your aquarium we can help!

Our Aquarium Maintenance and Service Include:

  • Custom Design and Aquascaping
  • Setup and Installation
  • Freshwater, Saltwater, Coral Reef, African Cichlid and everything in between!
  • We specialize in Planted and Coral Reef Aquariums
  • Corporate, Private Homes and anywhere we can put a box with water in it!
  • Access to thousands of unique fish, corals and plants
  • We only sell the best, time tested, and reliable equipment.
  • Oddball Pets is the place that other maintenance companies shop at!
  • Not just some fish guy with a bucket
  • Oddball Pets and Aquariums is a real company that has been around for years and that people trust
  • Do you need just a little bit of help maintaining your own aquarium?  Oddball Pets can help!

We have been keeping and maintaining aquariums for all of our lives!  We have been doing it professionally for almost a decade.  At Oddball Pets we know how to do it the right way and wont charge you for unnecessary products or services.

Our work is in some of the finest homes and offices in Pittsburgh.

Have you had a bad experience with another Maintenance Company?  Please don’t give up!  We are experts at cleaning up other peoples messes.  Let us help you make it enjoyable again.

If you are looking for Aquarium Maintenance and Service in the Pittsburgh Area and you are serious about having a wonderful living piece of art in your office, lobby or home we would love to talk to you! Please Contact Us!