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Do you do design and maintain aquariums?


Oddball Pets is uniquely qualified to design, install and maintain your dream aquarium.  Not only are we The Pittsburgh Areas BEST Aquatic Store we are also the regions BEST Aquarium design experts.

Please take a look at our Maintenance Page here


Why don’t you sell puppies and kittens?

First, lets make this very clear.  ALL "Pet Stores" that sell puppies get them from "puppy mills".  This is a FACT.  No responsible dog breeder will sell their puppies to a store.  They simply care too much about them!

If you would like a puppy, kitten, dog, cat, bunny or pig in your life we encourage you to PLEASE consider adopting one from a local shelter.  We recommend supporting Animal Friends.  You can check out all of the wonderful animals they have for adoption by clicking here.

If you shop at our retail store you will see our amazing dog that we adopted from Animal Friends!


Here are some other great shelter resources!

Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania
Biggies Bullies
CARMAA (Coalition to Adopt, Rehome, and Match Abandoned Animals)
Going Home Greyhounds
Hello Bully
Pennsylvania Great Dane Rescue
Pets with Disabilities
Steel City Greyhounds
Western Pennsylvania Humane Society

Why is your store called Oddball Pets and Aquariums?

When we acquired the store in 2008 it was called A&B Oddball Pets and Aquariums and before that it was called All Oddball Aquatics.  We thought about changing the name for quite some time, but ultimately kept something similar.  For us, it's meaning is a little different, however.

Dictionary.com defines the term "Oddball" as ~ a person or thing that is atypical, bizarre, eccentric, or nonconforming, especially one having beliefs that are unusual but harmless.

We do things a little different here at Oddball Pets and Aquariums.  We don't treat the animals in our care as "goods" or "products" that we can profit from.  We treat them like our own.  Sometimes we even get attached to them!

If caring about our customers and the creatures in our charge is "odd" then that's what we are!  Just call us a bunch of Oddballs!