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All Glass Aquariums is offering us great discounts this month and we are passing the major savings on to you!  From today until October 26th, the following sale prices will be in effect:   Black Trim: 30 Breeder – $65.99   – save $26.00! 40 Breeder – $89.99   – save $33.00! 50 Gallon    – $119.99 – save $50.00! 55 Gallon    – $99.99   – save $20.00! 75 Gallon    – $125.99 – save $49.00! 90 Gallon    – $199.99 – save $90.00!!! 120 Gallon  – $319.99 – save $100.00!!! 125 Gallon  – $235.99 – save $130.00!!! Black Pine Stands to match!:  

36×18 – $125.99 – save $39.00!(fits 30/40 Breeder, 50) 48×13 – $125.99 – save $34.00!(fits 55) 48×18 – $149.99 – save $40.00!(fits 75, 90) 48×24 – $199.99 – save $45.00!(fits 120) 72×18 – $244.99 – save $50.00!(fits 125)

  And to add to the fun, we are running the following:   *Spend $50.00 and you are eligible to  buy a 20H/20L for only $20.00!   *Spend $75.00 and you are eligible to buy a 29 for only $29.00!

  *Spend $100.00 and you are eligible to buy a 75 for only $75.00!!!!


Sat. 10/02 – Mon. 10/04   While unpacking a shipment of fish the other day we realized we have WAY to many fish in the store!  What do we do when that happens? Have a sale of course!!!
Freshwater:   Bronze Cory Albino Cory Gold Giant Danio Giant Danio Fire Eel Peacock Eel Tiretrack Eel Royal Farlowella Hillstream Butterfly Loach Black Kuhlii Loach Horned Nerites Cardinal Tetra ~ Tank Raised Anableps anableps Dario Dario !!! Black Ruby Barb Hummingbird Tetra Placidochromis milomo (VC-10) Otocinclus!!! L264 ~ Leporacanthicus joselimai Amano Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Congo Tetra L260 ~ "Queen Arabesque Pleco"   Saltwater:   Aquacultured Live Rock lettuce nudibranch Gold Coral Banded Shrimp Pair Feather Dusters Aussie Acan Blue Xenia Neon Green Star Polyps Hermit Crabs Astrea Snails Cerith Snails Orange Ricordea Porcelain Crabs Brush Plant Fan Plant Pencil Urchin Pincushion Urchin
Freshwater:   Checkerboard Barbs Bettas – lots of them!! 🙂 Leopard Ctenopoma Gold Gouramis 24k Tuxedo Platy Dawn Platy Mickey Mouse Sunburst Platy Pineapple/Candy Platy Red Platy Red Tuxedo Platy Celebese Rainbow Albino Rainbow Shark – cool!! Black Swordtail Marigold Swordtail Neon Tetras Brilliant Rasboras Rasbora espei – awesome! Yo-Yo Loaches Horned Nerites – awesome snails! Mystery Snails(many colors) Assassin Snails (restock)   Saltwater:   ORA Picasso Clownfish!! Orange Elephant Ear Sponge Frogspawn Branching Hammers German Blue Montipora digita Radioactive Zoanthid Pink Zoanthid Green Zoanthid Leather Coral Green Star Polyp Silver Pulsing Xenia White Pulsing Xenia Green Galaxia Neon Green Kryptonite Candy Cane Orange Montipora Cap Pink Bird’s Nest Bali Green Slimer Acro Various Acros & Montipora digita Live Rock!

Freshwater:   Sunburst Platy Platinum Gourami Black Ruby Barb Red Glass Barb (Super COOL!) Tiger Barb Jack Dempsy Cichlid Olive Nerites Glass Knifefish Cardinal Tetras! (Tank Raised!) Celestial Pearl Danios Dwarf Emerald Rasboras (Nano Fish!) White Crayfish! African Clawed Frog Bamboo Shrimp Amano Shrimp (THE #1 algae eater!)   Saltwater:   Coral Beauty Angelfish Flame Angel Lawnmower Blenny (Awesome algae eater) Scooter Blenny Longnose Butterfly Fish Black Ocellaris Clowns (Tank Raised!) Clown Gobies Blue Hippo Tang (Tank Raised!) Naso Tang Blue side fairy wrasse Red Spotted Hawkfish Gold Coral Banded shrimp





Freshwater:   Red Brick Swordtail Zebra Danio Gold Zebra Danio Bristle Nose Plecos Clown Loaches 3-4"!! Orange Von Rio Tetras Marigold Swortails Olive Nerites Badis Badis!!! Brown Ghostknife Horse Face Loaches Farlowella Peacock Eel Kuhlii Loaches Bumble bee Catfish Vampire Shrimp Orange Crayfish!!!! American Flag Fish Yellow Rabbit Snails Rainbow Sharks Crowntail Bettas GLO fish Gold Nugget Pleco Bala Sharks Assassin Snails Mystery Snails Lemon Swordtails Ember Tetras Harlequin Rasboras Zebra Nerites   Saltwater:   Coral Beauty Angelfish Pygmy Angelfish (Atlantic) Lawnmower Blenny (Awesome algae eater) Scooter Blenny Anemone Crabs Longnose Hawkfish Red Spotted Hawkfish Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Gracilaria ~ Macro Algea Purple Spine Urchin Cerith Snails New corals!!

    Pond: Albino Channel Catfish Pond Perfect! (If your pond is looking a little cloudy or you have an algae problem – this is the answer!)

Time to defrost… It’s time to defrost the freezer again!  All frozen foods will be 40% off for the next week!  The sale will end when the food is gone or on Friday the 16th! Come in and help us clear out our freezer by stocking yours! 🙂
Freshwater: Red Velvet Swordtail Cardinal Tetras ~ Tank Raised Rope Fish Moonlight Gouramis Clown Loaches Bristlenose Plecos Olive nerites Tracked Nerites ~ Restock! Bleeding Heart Tetras Black Harlequin Rasboras Halloween Crabs Longfin Albino Bristlenose ~ Oddball Raised Tiger Barbs Albino Tiger Barbs Hummingbird Tetras ~ Amazing! Freshwater Clams Electric Blue Crayfish Zebra Danio Assorted Swordtails Saltwater: Ocellaris Clown fish Firefish Goby Yellow Tang ~ Hawaiian Orange Back Basslet Orange Stripe Cardinals Coral Banded Shrimp Lawnmower Blenny Chocolate Chip Starfish Yellow Watchman Goby Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse Royal Gramma Ruby Crabs Rock Flower Anemones Assorted Urchins Hermit Crabs Cerith Snails Nassarius Snails Astrea Snails Various macro algaes

Also – we have a number of corals in stock since our last email.  (Zoanthids, ricordea, mushrooms, caulastrea, people eater, toadstool, frogspawn, etc.) Pond: Sarasa Comets White Comets Red & Black Comets Blue Channel Catfish ~ Restock Trapdoor Snails Water Lettuce Hyacinth Duckweed! Anacharis Reptiles: Russian Tortoise ~ He is awesome!! Hermit Crabs Plants: Glossostigma Water Sprite Banana Plant Java Fern Ludwigia peruensis Ludwigia broad leaf Various locally/Oddball grown plants 🙂  I also wanted to note that we have feeder goldfish, guppies & ghost shrimp in stock for those of you that have been waiting. 🙂


May 21, 2010


This weekend ONLY!  20% OFF ALL FISH!!

 (May 22 -23)

*feeders excluded

New Stuff:

Orange Poso Rabbit Snails ~ AMAZING!Orange Spot Rabbit SnailsRuby Green Haps ~ Oddball RaisedAnacharisRed Wag Platy

Pond Fish: Koi ~ Mixed SizesPool Comets ~ 3-4"Red Fantail GoldfishSarasa Fantail GoldfishBlue Channel CatfishTadpoles  Also: Green Pac-Man FrogLOTS of decorations including Spongebob!!Pond RocksTufa RockMalaysian DriftwoodCork Flats      


Pre-order your discus today and save!  We are currently taking orders for genuine Stendker discus. Pre-order prices are shown HERE. You can take advantage of these prices by ordering(via web or by calling/stopping into the store) by Saturday, May 1st, 2010. All pre-orders must be paid for at the time of order to qualify for the discount. The fish will arrive and be available for pick up the following week. Please note that if you are not a local customer that we can ship to you but will allow the fish to acclimate until the following Monday(10th) before we ship them. It is very stressful for the fish to be shipped back to back. BONUS: Order any 5 of the same color of the 2.5" size to get an extra 5% off!  Order any 3 of the same color of the 3" size to get an extra 5% off! 

PAKA Meeting…

The Pittsburgh Area Killifish Association will hold their monthly meeting on Saturday, April 24th.  The meeting will be held right here at the store and starts at Noon.  This month’s speaker is David Ramsey from Atlanta, GA.  His talks are based around videos of fish behavior, especially courting, spawning and raising fry.  He has raised many types of fish in his 100+ tanks and it should be a great talk!