Glo-Fish Tetra



The GloFish Tetra is a WONDERFUL Community fish!

Make sure you get at least 6 so they can Shoal together and feel safe!

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Product Description

The Glo-Fish Tetra is a man made variation of the black skirt tetra (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi)

  • Scientific Name: Gymnocorymbus ternetzi
  • Common Name: Glo-Fish Tetra, Cosmic Blue Tetra, Starfire Red Tetra, Moonrise Pink Tetra, Sunburst Orange, Electric Green, Galactic Purple
  • Geographic Origin: South America
  • Habitat: Right at home in a planted tank
  • Gender Difference: Males have longer darker fins
  • Breeding: Egg scatterer
  • Temperament: Peaceful with similar sized fish
  • Maximum Size: 2.5″
  • Temperature: 68°F – 78°F
  • pH: 6.0 – 7.0
  • Water Hardness: Soft-Medium
  • Water Region: Middle
  • How many?: Large groups of 12 or more is ideal
  • Diet: Omnivore – We suggest small sinking pellets such as New Life Spectrum Small Fish Formula

 GloFish fluorescent fish are born brilliant! They are not injected or dyed. They inherit their harmless, lifelong color from their parents, and require the same care as any other community fish. GloFish are great for any home, office, or classroom and perfect for hobbyists and beginners alike.

GloFish are similar to other fish, except they have a much brighter disposition. GloFish are available in six stunning colors: Starfire Red®, Electric Green®, Sunburst Orange®, Cosmic Blue®, Galactic Purple®, and Moonrise Pink®.

Today’s GloFish fluorescent fish are bred from the offspring of fluorescent fish that were originally developed several years ago. Each new GloFish inherits its unique color directly from its parents, maintains the color throughout its life, and passes the color along to its offspring.

Glo-Fish Tetra are a WONDERFUL Community fish!

Make sure you get at least 6 so they can Shoal together and feel safe!

More Great info about the Glo-Fish Tetra can be found here

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